Kenya Wildlife Service Rangers Recruitment For 2013


Poaching of Kenya's wild game has been on the rise in recent years. During this year 2013, the Government of Kenya has plans to increase the number of Rangers in the Kenya Wildlife Service.

Kenya Wildlife Service Rangers

The last recruitment of Rangers into KWS was done in the year 2011 and the service now urgently needs to increase its personnel who shall conduct security operations to crack down on poachers and put a stop to poaching of Kenya's heritage.

Because of this urgency, KWS has decided to conduct a crash recruitment programme whereby, 500 recruits will be enlisted from the Kenya National Youth Service (NYS).

Kenya Wildlife Service Ranger recruits train for 6 months but these ones from NYS shall train at Manyani Training School and deploy within a short period because they've already acquired paramilitary training with the NYS. KWS has also announced that it intends to recruit another 500 Rangers next year 2014.

The decision made by KWS to recruit from the National Youth Service is rather disappointing to all those who hopped they'd take part in this years recruitment but there are hopes for next year.