Kenya Defence Forces Constabulary


The Kenya Defence Forces Constabulary (DFC) is a service of the Kenya Army whose mission is to provide physical security to defence forces installations and to protect them from theft or damage and destruction by fire. Former Soldiers who had willingly resigned from military service are given the opportunity to go back into service via the Defense Forces Constabulary.

DFC Officer & Guard Dog
The roles of the Defence Forces Constabulary are; Provision of physical security to Defence Forces installations, Provision of fire services to Defence Forces Ordinance Depots, Breeding training and upkeeping guard dogs and the Overall responsibilities for annual fire inspection.

For ex-soldiers to be recruited back into the military as Constabularies, the candidates must meet the following conditions.
  • They must be Kenyan citizens
  • Aged below 52 years
  • Be physically & medically fit in accordance to Kenya Defense Forces standards
  • Have no criminal record
  • Be ex-defense forces servicemen or women in the army, air force or navy
  • Should posses a Discharge Certificate of minimum "Very Good" in conduct
  • Must have served at least 3 or 9 years color service