Kenya Police 2011 Recruitment Update

The media had reported earlier that the Kenya police 2011 recruitment had been postponed.

It was said that it could not take place until a Police Service Commission was formed to conduct the recruitment as per the new Kenyan constitution.

After the recent launch of the new Kenya police training curriculum, its now been said that recruitment is likely to happen during April 2011.
As per the new training curriculum, the training period has been extended from 6 months to 15 months.

The KCSE mean grade for candidates has been raised from D to C & 10 percent of the recruits are expected to be university graduates.

The first group of 7,000 recruits are expected to begin training in May 2011 and are likely to report to the following venues.
  • Regular Police - Kenya Police Training College in Kiganjo Nyeri.
  • Administration Police - Administration Police Training College in Embakasi.
  • General Service Unit - GSU Training College in Embakasi.
So aspirants prepare yourselves. Be checking the newspapers so as not to miss the Kenya Police Service 2011 Recruitment Advertisement.