Kenya Police Service Recruitment 2011

Recruitment of officers into the Administration Police and Kenya Police Services had been put on hold late 2009.

This was to pave way for police reforms and for the Government to review the police training program.
Kenya's Administration Police Officers
The temporary ban was lifted around August 2010.

It was then announced that the Police would to take up  around 7000 new recruits but it didn't happen.

With Police recruitment not taking place last year, I reckon it might happen early this year.

This prediction can be supported by the fact that the year has started with Kenya Wildlife Service conducting its Rangers recruitment exercise.

An anonymous reader also left a comment stating that police recruitment is expected to take place early this year.
                                                                                Kenya Police Service Officers
2011 Kenya Police Service recruitment is expected to be in line with the new police reforms.

The Administration police and Kenya police recruits shall train  under a newly reviewed training program.

The training period has also been extended from 9 to 15 months.